PS5 Teardown! Everything you need to Know [Video]

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PS5 is just 1 month away to be officially released on 12th Nov 2020. It is a really exciting time for PlayStation 4 users as they’re going to be getting an upgraded beast with high-performance gaming and new user experience overall.

The official PlayStation YouTube channel just recently released a teardown video of the new PS5 gaming console.

Here is the video:

There are a lot of cool stuff inside the latest PS5 but the huge heatsink and liquid metal are really awesome! So there is no chance of over-heating but we’ll see it once get our hands on the console ourselves as there already rumours of over-heating. I personally think the giant body, its design for airflow and above all the heatsink is enough to keep it cool.

It is also expected that it would be a lot quieter as compared to the Xbox One Series. The PlayStation 5 seems so well engineered to me like from the side panels that pop off easily to those dust collection ports, we can just like vacuum out the dust that builds up to the bottom stand that comes off and has a little area we can put the screw back into like it just seems so well-engineered it feels so Japanese where there’s like so meticulous about these engineering decisions and everything just kind of works out really nicely it’s so sony and I love it they also showed the area that’s going to house the expansion slots so if you want to get extra storage for the ps5 you would plug it up in here but the whole system feels so much more thought outright it seems so well engineered. The PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro are good consoles but the PS5 is just on another level.

I think people are going to appreciate it what do you think is this cool?

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